Haiku Moments

pavement wet with rain
our day-to-day life, below
Sunswept clouds

what day is it?
at this time yesterday
a different view

walk & talk with colleagues
my view and their views
a picture in our minds

warming my hands
on a fresh cup of coffee
after winter sunset

Out of the sea
water rises to the sky
caught in the rain

my view of life, and the jetty
stretches to the horizon
after walking through soft sand

morning fog
makes visible, the invisible
light always breaks through

a familiar sight line
returning once more
through the fog

sweet as candy
sunset on the last day
I’ll be back again

just before popping
delicate, floating, out there…

Will anyone see?

better than never
another day is lost
counting petals

abandoned castle
formed in yesterday’s sand
rain clouds gather

a world of caution
time is slipping away
what will we do?

leaving work,
and the day, behind clouds…
bright moon

all about my way
every morning sunrise breaks
through unseen darkness

haiku new 22

another day’s sun slips
beyond ocean waves and clouds
and our ambitions

haiku new 1

sunset and shadows
over golden oak forest hills
fall on the horizon

haiku new 21

the paths we walk
sometimes winding and narrow
lined with trees

haiku new 20

retracing steps
peace in the morning
and in simple things

haiku new 19

Yaquina Bay jetty
night draws in as waves calm
and out again

haiku new 18.jpg

those who come after
the places we leave behind
found objects

haiku new 17

new grass in winter
eastward blue sky and snow peaks
clouds set with the sun

haiku new 16

Morning has broken
opportunity springs forth
and we begin again

haiku new 15

yesterday’s flower
sprung up from dry ground
the day is new

haiku new 14

in loves’ embrace
boats pass in and out of the bay
water laps to shore

haiku new 13

castle in the sand
the expectations of our lives
and distant horizons

haiku new 12

where sunset broadens
the shore, thoughts stretch
to meet you

haiku new 11

resplendence surrounds
the road after the storm
washed by the water

haiku new 10

crisp of winter
across the peninsula hills
San Francisco in view

haiku new 9.jpg

strong winds a gust
bending in the same direction
the Cypress and the ocean

haiku new 8

sea spray of cresting waves
hit my face after the storm
the day is done

haiku new 7

rustle of mule ear leaves
winter on it’s way
again to Donner Pass

haiku new 6

resting our views
all the world in undulating layers
washed by the ocean

haiku new 5

brother and sister
take turns under the blossoming tree
smile from ear to ear

haiku new 4

last long commute
sun breaks beyond the fog line
the road ahead

haiku new 3

where I stood with you
colors of sunset wash to shore
and away again

haiku new 2

at fading twilight
shoots of new grass line the trail
as it bends, and bends

stillness by the surf
remnants of an earlier day
and stillness beyond

valley of silver lupine
in the City
coyotes’ distant howl

trail to the Lands End
beyond the bush lupine
the sun sets over the ocean

above the fog
early as the day begins
a bit of clarity

battered shore
grains of sand filled
with the sea

morning moon
waves break
on a new day

the sun sets
on heartache
and any other day

Child calls to mom
my castle
crumbled sand

end of a day
the sights, smells, and sounds
where you are

the water’s edge
my perspective
opens wide

setting of another day
the sun and the trees

ocean foam
rolls across the sand
the sun retreats

trailing mist
thoughts rise
and fall along the cliffs

sunrise through clouds
from evening rain

suspended fog
after the sun falls
I’ll arrive

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