Haiku Moments

at fading twilight

shoots of new grass line the trail

as it bends, and bends

stillness by the surf

remnants of an earlier day

and stillness beyond

valley of silver lupine

in the City

coyotes’ distant howl

trail to the Lands End

beyond the bush lupine

the sun sets over the ocean

above the fog

early as the day begins

a bit of clarity

battered shore

grains of sand filled

with the sea

morning moon

waves break

on a new day

the sun sets

on heartache

and any other day

Child calls to mom

my castle

crumbled sand

end of a day

the sights, smells, and sounds

where you are

the water’s edge
my perspective

opens wide

setting of another day

the sun and the trees


ocean foam 

rolls across the sand 

the sun retreats

trailing mist

thoughts rise

and fall along the cliffs

sunrise through clouds

from evening rain


suspended fog

after the sun falls

I’ll arrive

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