Everyday #rakKat

This simple page is a record of the everyday good that I see in the world. Please chime in and add what you’re witnessing in the comments below! Let’s be a force for good and thank those who are making the world a better place for all of us!

Love your neighbor! A woman was dealt a tragic blow – a baby in her family passed away unexpectedly. While her husband was out of town for work her neighbor left flowers on her doorstep to cheer her up. When life gets crazy and you’re down in the dumps you need a pick me up! Not only did the flowers bring the joy of knowing someone cares, they also taught the value of being the good in life – they were picked out and delivered by the neighbor’s kids. 💐👧🏡🌹

The high school aged boy my colleague rides the shuttle with every day ran across the street to buy her an ice cold bottle of water. Why? Because according to him “Well it’s hot out and I’m getting one and I wouldn’t want you to get sick in this heat so you should have one, too.” The innocence of youth for the good of others! 🚇🏅🤸🏃

On a neighborhood jaunt we passed a house with keys in the door and car out front. Eric noticed them and stopped “hey, look!” I turned, we conferred  (disaster may ensue if we don’t alert the owner). I rang the first buzzer of the multistory building “uh, someone left their keys in the door. I don’t know if they are yours or your neighbors, but…” the voice on the other end was concerned and inquisitive and all of a sudden the door popped open. A gentleman with his forefinger to his mouth “shh, it was me; don’t tell!” He gave us the thumbs up and grabbed the keys. Had it been a few more minutes or someone else with a devious streek, he might have lost his sparkly Hyundai SUV! Tragedy is averted when you have the courage to speak up and look out for others. 🏘🚗💣👏

Lines, lines, everywhere there’s lines! Waiting in the drop off line, called up again with questions, then there was the pickup line, and finally the consult line to get a prescription filled at my local pharmacy. Seeing my clear frustration, and without being asked, the pharmacist waived the co-pay on my order! 💊🤕🏨😀

Staring dejected at the meager tea selection, a colleague asked what I was looking for…”something with ginger, I’m not feeling well and leave on vacation in just four days.” He ushered me to his cube and gave me two ginger infused varieties from his personal stash. Later in the day, a colleague shared her ginger gum and chews. Even later still, another shared an herbal remedy for shortening a cold. After powering through the day’s responsibilities, I left feeling worn down, but encouraged and grateful for the kindness I was shown. Most run away when someone nearby is ill for fear of being infected. Instead, my colleagues exhibited genuine concern, grace, and empathy for my situation.🤒💊😧⛾

Social media can be a force for social good! A friend from high school, in response to our most divisive of political times, started a Sunday share day by posting and asking friends to share something positive in their lives one day a week. It’s a simple but effective way to counterbalance the negativity in our news feeds. I love seeing the responses flood in every Sunday. This is what social media was meant for, one gratitude at a time, to encourage one another. 🤗💻💗📲

What happens when a whole community embraces kindness? Joy abounds! I recently learned about the Bend JOY Project: a challenge, conversation, an opportunity, and experiment and a mission to bring joy in meaningful ways to keep our community happy, strong and beautiful. I look forward to following @bendjoyproject to track their goal to “keep Bend kind”! 📰📈🏔☮

When you encourage others to pursue their passions, chances are you’ll find opportunities for mutual success. The owner of a Eugene-area landscaping firm was approached by an individual passionate about by mosaic tile work. Instead of dismissing her enthusiasm, the owner surprised the artist by commissioning a piece! Cutting Edge Landscape & Design not only produces beautiful landscapes, they promote the beauty and talent in others in order to grow together! Think of the multiplier effect, if we all do the same! 🍃🏡💡🍀

Tight quarters make for sharing situations. At Louis’ near Lands End tables are packed side-by-side. At the end of her lunch, an older woman in wire-rimmed glasses and a colorful sweater shares a joke with the young strangers beside her. She goes on to share stories of her comedic life, in the stylings of Lucille Ball. And as she leaves she shares one last bit of knowledge – did you know the way to test batteries is by their bounce? Dead ones plunk heavy on the ground. But the good ones rebound! 🍔🔋✔👍

Be a light! A friend randomly texts a word of inspiration to a small circle of her friends. The message reminds that we are all a work in progress, so go easy! We have a tendency to be tough and unkind to ourselves. Why not take time to encourage one another! 💭💌📳🤗

Life is never too busy to show that you care. A colleague was invited to a party, but unable to attend. Instead of missing out altogether, the colleague, who owns a floral design company, delivered of his talents – a stunning bouquet of the most beautiful flowers artfully arranged! How can we use our unique talents to delight and surprise? 🌼🌿🌹🌻

Use your special day to do good for others! Friends were invited to a neighborhood bar to celebrate another friend’s birthday. When guests arrived they were offered drinks on the house. All imbibed in cheerful festivity thanks to a selfless host! 🍷🍸🍻🍹

A genuine interest in others enlightens us all! On a Lyft line to the party, a passenger strikes up a conversation with her driver. The convo spans nightlife, City life, personal heritage, and a shared love of bossa nova music…resulting in sought after insider recommendations. Check out Tulipa Ruiz! Ask and ye shall receive! 🎵🎷♪🎸

If there’s not enough to go around, why not share with your neighbor! At a workout class when all the mats were taken, a participant shared her mat with the stranger next to her…and side-by-side situps ensued in peaceful synchronicity! 😊💪💙✌

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  1. Donna Van Natta

    Am a firm believer in random acts of kindness. Doing volunteer work has so many rewards for everyone involved. I encourage at least one random act of kindness every day.

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