Workplace Karma & Caramels

We spend a TON of time at work! On average: over 90,000 hours in a lifetime! With technology and the advent of the 24/7 workplace, we’re expected to devote even more energy. The mental gymnastics of trying to “keep up” is a serious source of stress in our lives!

Yikes! Umm, yeah, did you get that memo?

In our daily slog, we regularly expect co-workers to meet OUR demands. Yet in an increasingly unrelenting world, how often do we break from our requests to say thanks? What’s more, we’re taught in order to achieve, someone else must fail. As a result, we do all manner of things to get ahead at others expense. Let’s be honest, we are not very kind.

Well, what goes around comes around people! And it’s time for a change.

Motivational and behavioral psychologists like Professor Carol Dweck at Stanford University are calling for a shift in mindset. Do you have a growth mindset?

131baf1e3f1870cf082d51c5367d63c6I’ve long been drawn to the concept of abundance. IF we think there are plenty of opportunities for everyone and genuinely want others to succeed, we’re more likely to find a rising tide that floats all boats. The power of positivity is contagious.

We do have the power to create more positive work environments with each word and deed. In his book Give and Take, author Adam Grant says that givers really can get ahead in the workplace, by giving in a way that nurtures their soul. Assess your Give and Take dynamic! Giving doesn’t have to mean that you’re a push-over. It means you value mutually beneficial relationships and you’re mature enough to understand that personal growth doesn’t have to come at a cost.

We can have our cake and eat it too, so let’s stop with the “Sorry Milton”!

Let’s take the time to acknowledge and celebrate our teammates for helping us reach our goals. Let us ALL eat cake! Work is better when we do it together!

compassionate-caramelsOne of the ways I like to say thanks is through food. What better way to win over hearts, than through the stomach! And it just so happens that my talented sister-in-law makes the best caramels EVER – small batch, in delectable flavors, handmade with love! In addition, 10% of sales goes to her local food bank! The gift of Jennifer’s Compassionate Caramels is a double do-good! If you’ve gotten caramels from me (and you know who you are), you know that I truly value your partnership and friendship in the workplace, nom nom nom! Thank you!

Human creatures thrive on appreciation. We want to be valued for our contributions. Truly, a little kindness goes a VERY along way in relieving workplace stress! Check out these simple ideas for saying thanks from themuse, or share your own here.

Umm, yeah, we all hate TPS reports! So why don’t you just go ahead and be kind to your colleagues!!! Umm, yeah, thanks!

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