What’s all the #rakKat ?

I’ve always considered myself an optimist – a glass half full, ready to make lemonade out of lemons, one day at a time, try your best kind of gal. But as the world turns, I’ve grown more and more cynical about the future and our humanity. There’s an anger in realizing through lived experience that naive idealism doesn’t work. Yet, with faith like a child, I cry out for a better world.

It’s time to cut the crap – we are a flawed, fearful, and scared creature which breeds hate, intolerance, violence, and all manner of despicable things. We’ve lost our way.

In search of self-actualization, we’ve neglected compassion toward our neighbor. In crafting the perfect social media profile, we’ve forgotten about human tenderness and the value of real conversations. More alone than ever, we’re left in an echo-chamber of our worst fears.

Fear cannot be allowed to consume our way of life. It will destroy us! This is a modest effort to address it. A simple call to return to kindness, to acknowledge one another, to care for each other. To overcome my own cynicism and be less of an asshole.

I give you…the #rakKat:
random acts of kindness Kat

An effort to commit kindness, as often as possible. To witness and record it in others and around the world. A resource for other do-gooders, and a place to curate a more meaningful existence.

img_20151014_183229It’s the simple things that spark a gleam of hope in our eyes. This picture is one example. After a long days’ work, I called in an order at my fav local fast casual restaurant in Eugene, Oregon. When I arrived, the Cafe Yumm clerk handed me this bag. She took the time to playfully transpose my name into circles, triangles, and dashes to mark my order. “Order up for ‘Kat’!” It was the highlight of my day!

So therefore, let us lighten the mood, lighten the load for one another, and light the way with acts of kindness and compassion to elicit smiles and laughter in our daily lives. We are in this together! And if we love one another, we might just find we are able to create the better, more beautiful world that we desire. Let’s raise a #rakKat!

2 thoughts on “What’s all the #rakKat ?

  1. MamaDonna

    Not much of a blogger but so nice to see one with such a positive attitude and message. Am all about random acts of kindness. Since retiring, I’ve been recognizing the needs of others by volunteering my time instead of just sending a check. Delivering meals to shut-ins and being privileged to hear the many facets of their life stories. Teaching adults reading and basic math skills has so many rewards. The smiles and hugs I receive are more than sufficient ‘payment’ from these amazing people during these journeys.

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